So, after looking at this build, , I decided I might make a bard version, as I already have a ranger.

The goal of this build is a twf bard warchanter, able to solo most normal/hards, possilby epic hards, and launch into some group play with songs.

12 bard/6 ranger/ 2 fighter Human

bard 12 gives:
warchanter 2
melee buffs (rage/haste)
self healing
full ranks perform/UMD

Ranger 6 gives:
bow strength/manyshot
ram's might
resist energy
sneak help spells
access to tempest post enhancement pass
2 favored enemies

fighter 2
2 feats
fighter haste boost

starting @20 base
Str: 16 23
Dex:15 17
Con:14 16
Int: 8 8
wis: 8 8
Cha: 15 15

Feats: 7 class +2 fighter +1 human +2 epic= 10
Power Attack
Great Cleave
Improved Critical:X (whatever I decide at end game, slash or pierce, haven't decided)
weapon focus: X (same deal)
Dragonmark of finding x3- for s***s and giggles
Overwhelming critical

max UMD/Perform
put move silently/hide as high as possible
2 ranks in Tumble
some in jump

Combat style for soloing would be sneak through dungeon, fascinate/kill, occasional many shot.
For groups, sing/buff/add medium dps

Note, this is not for endgame, but mainly for solo/flavor

I had also thought of a drow version to do full tempest post enhancement pass, but that will have to wait until we have more details.

Thoughts/critiques/ways to improve build?