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    Default Up for a challenge? - Adventurers wanted!

    Hello adventurers of Thelanis!

    It's been 15 years when I played my first game online, which was Diablo 1.
    In good memories of it I'm trying to set up a challenge of a ruleset which I loved in D1 - the Ironman. But now - DDo style!

    I'm trying to set up a group restricted to the following ruleset:

    1. No res shrines. You can only be raised by other party members via ingame abilities. If you die and cannot be raised you have to delete your character.

    2. Live off the land. No interaction with town NPCs whatsoever. Only speaking to quest givers and class trainers is allowed. That means
    - no buying anything
    - no repairs!
    - no auctions
    - no town crafting devices
    However quest end rewards can be taken except for mnemonic potions.

    3. Quests can only be done on elite and only ONCE. No repetition of any quest.

    4. Quests have to be done at level. No party member can be over the quest level.

    5. No recalling. Once you started a quest you can only leave it by completing it or as a soul stone.

    6. You have to start with a build at level 1, new toons only (32 pt builds are allowed) - if you have veteran status you must skip the ship and go to korthos as lvl 1. The grotto must be skipped, if possible.

    7. No store items (obviously). This includes presents granted from turbine (like the birthday box).

    8. No ship buffs (obviously).

    9. No interaction with other people outside your static group. You can only interact with characters from your static group. No twink gear passing, trading or pugging. Should one party member die or loses interest, your group can still continue without him however.

    10. TRing is allowed (if you ever make i that far). You have to get 20 epic tokens though from epic questing, via the ruleset.

    11. Failing a quest due to failed objectives (hello coyle) doesn't end the journey. You can recall and have to restart it immeadiatly (no SP restore whatsoever in town).

    12. No slacking around in explorer areas. You can kill stuff there, but only what's in the way to a quest entrance.
    XP in explorers should only be farmed for, when there is absolutely no quest left that can advance your group in leveling (which shouldn't be the case on a first lifer).
    Explorers can be done for xp if your character lacks xp compared to the rest of your group to catch up. (VIP bonus xp for example).

    13. Taking favor rewards is allowed. Coin lord favor backspace can be baught from plat you find in quests. ame goes for bankspace.

    14. The bank can be used.

    Hope these rules fit very well for the ironman theme.

    So far only one of my guildies seems interested, so hope to find 4 more adventurers here.

    1. Eth (Clonk)
    2. Brim (Spellsinger Bard)
    3. Fork (Monk)
    4. Haek (Druid/Monk Summoner)
    5. Kazeikan (Wizard)
    6. Dre (Arti)

    Voice chat would be great even better if you happen to have teamspeak.
    European timezone would be prefered.

    Leave a post here or contat me ingame - toons are in my sig.

    Cheers, Eth
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