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    Default Had a good weekend.

    Not much of an accomplishment, but several great PUGs for raids and some other quests this past weekend.

    Finally complete CitW. (wow.. only took most of a

    Yeah, I know.. took me long enough.

    But I don't join LFMs with coments in them that I do not like. (which basically means something exclusive)

    Took me a long time to get flagged.
    Then I stepped in by myself once and snuck my way to Anna. (read, no monsters knew I was even there) Then I tried to free her.... uhmm.. that didn't go well. lol

    Next time I joined a few friends who wanted to try it out. Five of us with barely a clue. We didn't wipe but we lacked the DPS to take down her legs.. and used so many resources we decided to give up.

    Later joined a group or two for a serious attempt, but those failed/gave up.

    But finally last Saturday, I joined one that completed it.
    Not easily... they struggled and struggled, but stuck with it and pulled it off.

    I even had a hero moment when I realised I was one of only two still alive, so I started throwing rezzes.
    (many others had their hero moments as well... just always feels good when I get the chance to play hero)

    I love this raid BTW!
    More than any other it feels epic!
    It is long! tons of stuff to fight... not just a boss and a few minions.

    Ok... next.
    finally did FoT as well.
    Once again, finally saw an LFM without any exclusive comments in it.

    But got in this one and someone said something about my build....not an unknowlegable person, I've run with him before and he pretty much knows what I can and cannot do....

    Looked around and reliazed that this was a premo PUG! Lots of known guild tags in that one. Everyone seemed experienced (except

    Leader gave only a few guidlines along the way... and everyone worked together well and got er done.

    This is just the way I have always liked it btw.
    The best groups don't give too many directions.... no micromanaging.. no worrying about what everyone is doing. Just some short directions on what to take down first and if we need to switch targets to bring the other one down more....

    The occasional request... can someone pull this trash? etc. All given calmly.

    I mention this because it is all too rare in recent years.

    The groups I like are groups of great players, but they do what needs to be done without drama... wihout worrying what someone else is doing.... etc.

    They don't need an exclusive LFM, cause they themselves plan to do what is needed to succeed... not worry about what someone else is doing..

    Ok... enough ranting about exclusive LFMs (for

    Anyway... super smooth from my point of view.

    Like I said, there I was, my first time, and did get a little ragging on my build....

    I looked at the HPs and reliased I had the least! doh!

    So I played as careful as I possibly could.... lol
    And it worked.... I didn't die, and embarass myself.

    At one point a large number of th egroup did die suddenly. (including the guy who had said something about my build. )

    But from what I read that is to be expected in that raid.

    No one paniced, and we pulled it off rather easily IMO.
    Sharp contrast to the forum posts about how FoT is now impossible after the last update.

    Then.... EH Von5/6 LFM....
    Hmm... been a while since I did Von 6 on epic...
    Actually since old epic! And only did twice then!

    Yeah... I think it's about time to do another Epic Von raid....

    So I join.

    One guy starts sending me tells asking what to do.... lol... like I know...
    Well.. not really all that much has changed over the years I guess....

    Anyway.. FF to Von6. Pillars drop in seconds! (twice! lol)

    All ready for Velah.

    Wait a minute.... what happend to the healer?!
    He DCed and never came back...

    Well... this will be fun.

    One guy (a Barbarian of all classes) said, he didn't come all this way to give up without a fight... so.... we went for it.

    And took her down without too much of a problem really.

    Some deaths, some raises... self heals... people did what they could... and went rather well.

    Another of my kind of groups!

    Get er done!

    Then.... (busy
    an EE LFM! Wow those are rare! Especially without some "know it" comment.
    For one of the Underdark city quests.

    Went rather well too.

    IMO, EEs are just about the right difficulty for my lvl 25 main.
    My lvl 21s probably aren't up to them, but I really enjoy the EE challenge on my main.

    Not much to tell about that one, just that I don't get to do EEs often and had a good time.

    Ended the weekend with finally getting elite In the Demon's Den done on my Wizard.
    Man that quest is always tough.

    This one is not really one to brag about... same thing as always.
    some FtP PUGger wants an elite opener, and has no idea what he is getting into.

    Started shortman (common as well).
    Basicaly wiped.
    But got a few other people to join. (after one guy quit... also common)

    But then we pulled it off.
    Wasn't totally happy with this one, but that is about the tenth or more time I have tried it with my Wizard on elite... so nice to finally get it done on that too.

    (funny, on my main we did it first time on elite the day it came out....amazing how different groups can have completely different results.... mostly just based on good players..)

    Oh well...

    a successful DDO weekend, and I got to do some stuff I either had not done before or on difficulties I had not done before....

    good times.

    (and thanks to the guys whose groups I joined and who made it possible.)
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    ..., but I honestly think the solution is to group with less whiny people.

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    You wouldn't happen to play on Thelanis, would you?

    Nice post
    Thelanis -- Wulverine + [Funkaholic, Funkatronic, Funkarific]

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    Screenshot or it didn't happen!
    Personal d000m level: 83%

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    Ape_Man does clever trolling nothing more. Don't feed him/her.

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    Good stuff!

    I find Caught in the Web quite fun now that it's working properly (for the most part), even after a bunch of completions on various characters. There is an element of randomness and chaos at the end that keeps it from becoming a no-brainer.

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