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    Quote Originally Posted by Daemoneyes View Post
    Jidz is still often the difference in getting more heal per hit or not,
    and as such its worth it.

    Yupp at 20 there are a lot of choices but there where always more in endlevel.

    Ele Bracers of Air, even the lvl4 version is totally worth it.
    And it only takes 1 run of each of the 3 challenges from those you need the mats to get them.
    The Bracer is BTA and gives Blur, hard to find anything better at lowlvl.
    Also it gives lightning spellpower/crit and later dogde & airguard, nothing to sneeze at for a BTA item that you can reuse each life with your chars.

    Toughness is to high minlvl as random loot, also its hard to find it on anything other then cloaks.
    And its cheap to craft false life or buy it (now even as augment).

    So i dont see any use in Toughness cloaks other then to sell them for ridicules profit.

    my outfit is often
    Minos (tough & heavy fort.)
    Air Bracer (perma blur & later dogde & air guard)
    Necro Amulet (deathblock & neg lvl absorb) get more then one
    Crafted Guildslot Cloak with Resistance (later dex or cha added)
    Trinket either crafted attack speed & mobility or Cove Bold Trinket (tr have also Spellabsorb to swap in)
    Con Ring
    Str Gloves
    Manyslayer Ring (vorpal & sneak & seeker)
    (greater) False Life Belt
    Striding Boots / Feather Fall Boots
    Googles of +2 Attack / +4 Attack (tharnes if i should ever get lucky ^^)
    Lifeshield of Axeblock Armor/Robe

    Depending on what the abilitys and immunitys of the char are i change some but in general the equip is mostly the same on all of my chars.
    Not only lets me reuse a lot it also makes equipping easier as you already know what you need.
    That's a pretty nice set up - I'd like to see how much has to change for a Blue Bar though?

    Let's forget gear for a moment though - The OP did not specify how many HP his friend had on their Druid. However he did specify around 140 HP for his friend's Lvl 13 Rogue.

    1st Life 32 pt Halfling Rogue Assassin
    Str 14 {Level ups here}
    Dex 16 {Halfling Dex, Rogue Dex}
    Con 12
    Int 16
    Wis 10
    Cha 8
    1st Life 32 pt Halfling Rogue Mech {Repeater Build}
    Str 10
    Dex 16 {Halfling Dex, Rogue Dex}
    Con 12
    Int 18 {Level ups Here}
    Wis 10
    Cha 8

    Either way {and assuming no Con tome or Ship Buffs} you get:

    Heroic Durability - 20
    13 X 7 {Con 12} - 91
    Toughness Feat - 16
    Racial Toughness 2 - 20


    Add easy to get at Lvl 13 gear - Imp False Life on Nightforge Armbands + Con 6 Belt = 59


    140 HP on a Lvl 13 Rogue = I don't give a monkey's about HP!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bargol View Post
    In my group of RL friends playing we had the same thing happen. The friend who seems to make all the choices that many would think are subpar played for a very long time (2 to 3 years) before giving up the game.

    The reason he quit is that all the rest of us could easily do challenging content without being killed repeatedly. Since in harder (or the hardest) content he could not contribute much and we just carried him through it he obviously didn't have as much fun.

    So unless your friend adapts to the difficulties that you all progress through he will likely grow tired of the game because content challenging for you will be impossible to him and content challenging for him will be a AFK yawn fest to you.

    If he responds to advice keep giving it to him and encourage him or you may lose him from your group.
    Bargol gave a testimonial about our RL friend. I am telling you OP that this is very funny but not unique. When my friend entered the Shroud with about 200 hp we giggled. We took turns carrying his soul stone. We shared funny tells to each other. We gave advice that fell on def ears. He has not logged on in 6 months. We miss the fun we had with him. Best of luck OP.
    Quote Originally Posted by Cordovan View Post
    No, although VIP players do get free Gold rolls on Daily Dice, so that might fit into your criteria. But when it comes to chest drops, chain rewards, general Daily Dice rolls (what number you get), etc., VIP does not confer additional "luck".

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    when the game went f2p, I 6 RL friends to joined. Nice well rounded group: barb, sorc, rogue, pally, cleric, and ranger. Korthos and harbor was great. Marketplace was actually challenging. We took out time, broken every barrel, explored every part of the map, unlocked every door, completed every optional. However, the rogue had 0 fort and was a 6 con elf. The sorc launched fireballs at the ceiling and didn't like using firewall. The cleric didn't like healing. The pally couldn't get aggro. The barb wouldn't stay with the group. The ranger was a pew pew kiter. We never got out of the marketplace. The game become frustrating and everyone quit. I'm the only one that still plays.

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