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    Quote Originally Posted by Ilindith View Post
    April 2, joke's over.
    Tobril's try was funnier anyway.

    Don't worry.

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    Tobril put a fairly easy clue in his message

    Quote Originally Posted by Tobril View Post
    At this time I’ve come to the decision that I need to address
    pressing real life matters. This is a difficult decision and the
    reality is that I just can’t maintain a satisfying game experience
    In just a few short hours per week. As such I will step down, passing
    leadership of my various endeavors to other players I will name later.

    For all those I’ve played with, thank you. I won’t mention names
    or this would be a really long post. My hope is that this will be a break
    only long enough to get matters under control, though I’m beginning to
    lean in the direction I won’t be able to return.

    Thank you everyone for good times and general amusement,

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    /hug Distributed

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    however, i'm tired of this game and how easy it became pay 2 win is not what i wanna play, so ye, im somewhat taking a break till next update and u will only see me if my guildies need a healer to heal their raids.

    for those that have my skype... feel free to msg me xd

    Completionists: Heroic 30/42, Epic 36/36, "Iconic" 12/12

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