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    Default Computer Crashed

    I submitted a Turbine ticket, but the response I got was pretty ridiculous, so I guess I'll try reaching out to someone here. (Turbne Ticket #24001-426735)

    My laptop computer crashed on Friday as I was about to complete the Rescue Ataraxia mission. I was in the middle of fighting Deluge when my computer died.

    I have 2 questions:
    1. Can my VIP status be temporarily suspended till my laptop can be fixed?(probably a week or so)
    2. Is there a way to be credited the XP for finishing the mission, and receive any loot that I might have earned?

    I know that DDO did nothing wrong, and that the problem is on my end, it's just frustrating as hell to have been that close when my computer died.

    Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.
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    If you call Turbine customer support, they might be able to temporarily suspend your DDO subscription until you get a new system up and running. That said, you are in no way entitled to any of the rewards for completing that quest because, quite frankly, you didn't complete the quest.

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