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    Post The Merry Hobbits

    Making a thread so that the information is somewhere now that MyDDO is dying... just in case anything changes. We are not recruiting at this time.

    This info taken from:

    Guild Profile
    "The gaiest little hobbits of them all!"

    Leader:Kruemeli (Officer: Redcloak)

    About Us:
    We are a bunch of fun-loving Hobbits. Together with our Warforged servants (to help us reach the top shelves) we are trying to boldly go, where many hobbits have gone before.

    We like currant buns, marshmallow, and mushrooms. We also like questing, until the job is done, and not just giving up at the first sign of death!

    Guild Loot Policy:
    Your loot is your own. Keep it. Give it up for Roll. Just give it to a nice person. Do what you want with it! If you agree to something in advance, stick to your agreement!

    Oh, and because we often run into the "all your inventory slots are full" problem... we can be quite slow in looting! This applies especially to the shroud, where there are so many things to take! If you think you might want an item that is sitting around in our name... then feel free to ask about it! It could be that we are trying to make space for it in our inventory... or trying to make space for the vendor trash! It could even be that we have not yet thought about the item in question at all. But really if you recall from the instance and only then do we decide to put the item up for roll... well it is not our fault!

    (Our original Guild Name got changed, because according to the GM, it might have provoked "hate speach" see:

    EDIT: Updated link:
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