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    Default Ooze Kickers - Now Recruiting!

    Welcome to the Official Ooze Kickers Thread!

    First off, we are a new Guild and as such lack many of the amenities that veteran players may be used to but even so we welcome any experienced players to help fill the ranks. We are recruiting all levels and classes, but we ask that you read through the following outline and fill out a questionnaire. If you were recruited in-game go ahead and fill one out too. I'll go first!

    The goals of the O.K are simple. Play DDO actively, enjoy our time spent online, and give players an easy way to group up and get stuff done! Pretty much the standard goals of any online Guild I'd say. In the grand scheme of things we would like to build a Guild that is based on a common love and knowledge of traditional Pen and Paper D&D because we feel that once you've played the real thing you understand the premise of the game better and that is: teamwork. Every quest around the dinner table requires a dedicated team of individuals who are trying their best (perhaps for their own reasons!) to succeed and using not only the mechanics of the game to do so but their minds and hearts as well. How many encounters have we all had where the chips and snacks went untouched while the dice flew furiously, all of us enthralled by the interplay of imaginations, waiting for that next roll with bated breath? How impossible would those accomplishments have been without our friends? Perhaps in DDO things may be different but at the heart of it it's still Dungeons and Dragons. Joining a brand new Guild may seem like a step backward for some but with a little hard work and dedication, and a whole lot of fun, we could be sailing the skies like bosses in our very own Airship, buffing and crafting as we like... Ooze Kickers in the sky!

    But that's enough of that right! Let's fill out our sign-up sheets and get out there and play some D&D!

    Your Sign-Up should look roughly like this:

    Name/Toons: Real or Toon, you decide! I'm Ash! My toons are Snoad and Bleck.

    Age: 28

    Location: Try to put your GMT here as well. I'm in Canada GMT -8

    How Long You Have Been Playing: Over a year now for me!

    Favourite Class: Mine is definitely the Cleric!

    Why You Would Make A Good Ooze Kicker: I think I'd make a good Kicker because I want everyone to enjoy DDO and I feel like every time I help someone learn something new I get a bit better at it myself. Besides, I'm the Boss! I have to be a model Ooze Kicker!

    Tell Us Something About Yourself: I work as a breakfast cook at a busy hotel and it's funny because my cook pants have pictures of frying bacon on them.

    When You Play Most: I usually am on during the day after work.

    There you go! Simply fill out a sign-up like that, except with your info of course! Then send a Letter to Snoad requesting an Invite. Shortly after that you will become a true Ooze Kicker!

    Thanks in advance.

    President Snoad.

    Good Luck and Happy Loots!
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