Hey folks - So I was hoping to find someone (or some people) who might be interested in running content/leveling up over the next couple of weeks. I have two primary characters that I'm trying to get to level 20 before Jan 12 in order to get my free epic hearts one is a first life artificer sitting at 11, and the other is a TR'd "Old Saint Pick" build I'm working on sitting at level 9.

I have access to all the packs for now (subbed for the month) and can act as an opener if needed.

In terms of play-style, I'd prefer to try out as much of the content as possible, rather than purely running things over and over again, but am down for that when the time comes. I also have several other characters at lower levels in case someone is interested, but does not have 10ish character yet - we can run together, then I'll just swap in my primary guys once the levels are more even.

If anyone is interested, drop me a line


Oh yeah, I play EST evenings - usually on by 10ish, play to about 1am-ish