Mokune is at the tail end of life 11 (currently 2Pal/2Monk/16Sorc) I've leveled DI to 5 and currently at 3 Magister and will TR sometime this weeked (as soon as I hit 5 in Magister).

Only 2 lives left (Ranger and FVS) to be eligible for completionist, and after current life will have 8/11 EDs capped. I will only need Primal Avatar (next life), Exalted Angel in FVS life and will do Fury of the Wild in my 14 life.

Planning on my Ranger life now with consideration to Capping Primal Avatar at the end of it.

I've done several builds along the way 8Monk/12Ftr WSS, 2Ftr/6Pal/12Monk, 2Monk/2Ftr/16Cleric, 2Rog/6Ranger/12Barb, 20 Arti, 20 Wiz, 20 Rogue, 1Ftr/19Druid, 2Rogue/18Bard, 2Ftr/3Monk/15Pal.

What I working on now is a 2Rogue/6Arty/12 Ranger, WF. Or 2Rog/7Arti/11Ranger

This is what I've got.
Str 16 +4 Lvls
Dex 11 Enough for PBS at 7 when +2 Tome Kicks in.
Con 16
Wis 11
Int 16 +1 Lvl
Cha 8
+3 Tome in each Stat

Max Rank Skills: Concentration, DD, OL, Search, Spot, UMD
Jump: 10 Ranks
Balance: 15 Ranks (is there a hard cap to balance like jump?)
Tumble: 1 Rank

Feats: All the Tasty Stat Requirement Free Feats Rangers get YUMMMMM
7-Arti Bonus PBS
9-Great Cleave
12-Khopesh or Insightful Reflexes
15-IC: Slash
18-IC: Ranged

Arti-Battle Engineer I

Heavy investment in Int in order to Max all the skills I must have AND for Insightful Strike/Damage and a lil SP.
In order to max skill during Ranger Levels I need 11 skill points which means I need a +5 Int Mod for these levels.
Beginning Int of 16 +3 Tome +1 Level Up will get me a 20 base INT at 11 which means for a couple levels of Ranger I'll have to skip putting pts into Balance.

Nets me: Full UMD and Trap Skills, Full TWF, Full Ranged with HRXBow+RuneArm Fusilade, Manyshot Longbow and AOE melee via Cleave/Great Cleave with Khopeshes or other tasty weapons I've collected.

Should be fun, Versatile, Self-Sufficient and a good base for leveling Primal Avatar.