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    Default All my items for trade

    My items:

    Version Epic Elite

    Madstone skull
    Wizards Ward (comb 120)
    Nether Grasps x2 (sold)
    Silver ingot arcanum (glac )
    Bracers of twisting shade (sold)
    Tortured livewood bow
    Treads of falling shadow (sold)
    Ironwood Khopesh
    Helm of the white dragon
    Jorgundal's collar
    Steady handed armbands
    Kardin's eye (sold)
    Aquatic bracers
    Greataxe of the chained soldier
    The mountains fist
    Shamanic fetish
    Bulwark of the stormsfist
    Daggertooth's belt
    intricate field + 3 wis

    Epic hard
    Helm of the white dragon
    Helm of the blue dragon
    Skyvault shield
    Ancient band
    Leave of the forest
    Bulwark of the stormsfist
    The turmoil within
    Adamantine knuckles

    Item and more

    +4 tome str
    +3 tome int
    +3 tome str
    Diamond excp +1 int
    21 flawless red dragon scales
    Ruby superior frost
    Ruby nullification 114
    2 diamond cons 6
    Diamond extp int+2
    Sapphire resistance 6
    Sapphire of spell agility+15
    Ancient gemstone
    Sial of house dun'robar (excp str +2, db4%, vertigo+10)
    Jeweled cloak (epic)
    Planar focus of subterfuge (wis+3)
    Blade of the high priestess
    Spider-spun caparison (dex8)
    Firestome greaves
    Planar gird
    Alchemical repeating heavy crossbow
    Helm of the black dragon
    Wall of wood(norm)

    I'm looking for: Otto box
    Dream visor
    Globe of true imperial blood
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    Hi buddy,
    PM sent.

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