In the light of changes to MyDDO and the coming forum changes, I am posting this here so that I can link it in my Bio... so that I do not have to keep answering questions about it! I hope that the post survives!
Posted On: March 26th, 2013
Posted By: MnaSidhe
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I’ve had increasingly more questions about our guild name, and the name change (mentioned in my bio). This is probably because my TR-partner is pressuring/persuading me to do more grouping/pugging.

Well it went like this:

We were called “The gay hobbits”.
I wrote it in my character bio.
I noticed that the word “g a y” was censored.
I filed a ticket about it.
The GM that responded informed me that I had breached Turbine’s rules… and that he would change the guild name. I asked him to change it to “The Merry Hobbits”.

He wasn’t at all concerned that Tolkien himself described Hobbits as “a gay folk”. The GM was not at all concerned about what the word “g a y” actually means in the english language…
The GM was only concerned that the word G A Y would be connected with hate speech.

That is the story of the name change of my guild. It is actually my own fault.