We are looking to add 1 maybe 2 new members to our family.Must be team oriented and like to further the guild advance.Also we do not want any guild jumpers(those who join a guild and then quit then look for another guild to join,then quit that one).We are level 71 and are a small guild and consider ourselves a family,we have known each other since first year of game release.
To inquire just see any ingame Squirrel and mention this forum post.
You dont have to be an elitist or a self proclaimed badass,we are looking for someone who is laid back and likes to quest.We tr often as well so if you like to tr you will fit in nicely,and we raid,usually if not always we shortman raids just 2 or 3 of us,but we always like a good full group to raid with.

Vendemyrr..officer of The Squirrel Brigade.