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    So every now and again I find some nice daggers, at least in my opinion based on the prefix and suffixes. However obviously the damage dice is poor. In any case I squirreled them away knowing one day I would roll up a pure rogue and hoping that there would be some special kinship boost between daggers and skulking rogues taht created added damage.

    So for my 11th alt that day has come. I rolled up an Int based assassin and I start looking through my banks and moving daggers to him.

    Only now as I level him I'm not so sure that this preconceived notion of daggers and rogues going together has any merit or any basis rooted in fact. Perhaps it's something I dreamed up in my mind. As of now it is looking like rapiers and shortswords are my friend and daggers, as with all my other alts, are useless and don't really even have a place in DDO.

    So am I missing something? Are daggers really just vendor trash or the occasional AH to see if there is a sucker to pawn off on who is intrigued by a nice prefix/suffix combo? (Of course a metalline of smiting would have some value/use I guess)

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    Hang onto them, at least the very nice/hard to find ones.
    Rumor has it the (legendary) enhancement pass will have some rogue + dagger goodies.
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    General random loot gen daggers are pretty meh, but there are a few named gems out there to look for. In particular, my rogue still uses the blade of the priestess and the sacrificial dagger when I run EN content.

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