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    Default Bardcher with full trapskills

    As my second life Bardcher closes to lvl 20, I started to think about TRing one last time (with this toon, that is). All this bardcher business has really impressed me so far - with Manyshot I am now able to overDPS anyone with fast regeneration (I wasn't able to kill before), I take way less damage and have no problems getting rid of various mobs on perches etc. So, bardcher again, but higher level in that.
    The aim is to create a toon capable of running EE's confidently, and capable of participating (and with that also helping) in any such quest or raid. Most of the fun can be done using just Fascinate, but the question is survivability through traps and spells. And when I take rogue levels for evasion, I may as well also use them for trapskills.
    As mentioned in the previous build, I have access to major part of not-easily obtainable loot and also to crafting, so that gear intensiveness of such build does not scare me. I even got few tomes through my questing (+3s everywhere save Str and Wis), so the sole reason to do the TR is to create a really effective toon for epics who will be fun to play too.

    So, to get to the build's strong and weak points:
    Strong points:
    - Full Ranged DPS
    - All the bard good stuff (Fascinate, other songs)
    - UMD around
    - full trapskills
    - evasion
    - nice saves
    Weak points:
    - enhancements laid very thin
    - feats laid very thin too
    - possibly lower amount of HP's (630) and SP's (1300) without counting ED's
    - late bloomer

    Tirain Hawksong, True Neutral Half-Elven Spellsinger 16/Ranger 2/Rogue 2
    Stats (36-pts build)
    STR 42 = 16 (base) + 6 (level-ups) + 2 (tome) + 1 (enhancement) + 2 (ship buff) + 7 (item) + 2 (insightful) + 1 (exceptional) + 2 (rage) + 2 (inspire excellence) + 1 (Fatesinger ED)
    DEX 37 = 16 (base) + 3 (tome) + 2 (enhancements) + 2 (ship buff) + 8 (item) + 3 (insightful) + 1 (exceptional) + 2 (inspire excellence) + 1 (Fatesinger ED)
    CON 36 = 14 (base) + 3 (tome) + 1 (enhancement) + 2 (ship buff) + 8 (item) + 2 (insightful) + 1 (exceptional) + 2 (rage) + 2 (inspire excellence) + 1 (Fatesinger ED)
    INT 29 = 13 (base) + 3 (tome) + 2 (ship buff) + 7 (item) + 1 (exceptional) + 2 (inspire excellence) + 1 (Fatesinger ED)
    WIS 26 = 8 (base) + 2 (tome) + 2 (ship buff) + 8 (item) + 2 (insightful) + 1 (exceptional) + 2 (inspire excellence) + 1 (Fatesinger ED)
    CHA 31 = 13 (base) + 3 (tome) + 1 (enhancements) + 2 (ship buff) + 8 (item) + 1 (exceptional) + 2 (insightful) + 2 (inspire excellence) + 1 (Fatesinger ED)
    Please note some numbers are odd - the item setup counts with just the items and tomes I have available right now. With U17 a lot of new things appeared I wasn't able to farm so far and it will be easier to get +8 stat/+3 insightful stat to get a point or two higher here and there... also counts only with tomes I have currently available.

    Feats and levelling:
    Leveling order (B-bard, R-Rogue, A-Ranger): RBBBABBBRBBBABBBBBBB
    1: Point Blank Shot, Half-Elf Paladin Dilletante (start with Half-Elf Fighter Dilletante to cover weapon profs, switch to Paladin at lvl5)
    3: Weapon Focus: Ranged
    5: Bow Strength (Ranger bonus)
    6: Maximize Spell
    9: Manyshot, Evasion (Rogue bonus)
    12: Improved Critical: Ranged
    13: Rapid Shot (Ranger Bonus), Two Weapon Fighting (Ranger Bonus)
    15: Precise Shot
    18: Quicken Spell
    21: Inspire Excellence
    24: Improved Precise Shot

    23 ranks of Concentration, Disable Device, Haggle, Perform, Search and Use Magic Device;
    1 rank of Tumble
    4 ranks in Open Lock and Spot
    10 Ranks in Jump
    19 ranks in Balance
    UMD is above 50 total, enough for everything important. Perform caps at approx. 70, Haggle on around 65 without item switch (possible to get it higher with item switch easily)
    DD is maxed on lvl 1 and 9-cap, lower in mid levels, Search is more evenly spaced. Both these should end around 68-70 with proper switch gear.

    Half-Elf: Arcane Archer
    Bard Inspired Damage III
    Bard Spellsinger II
    Bard Lyric of Song II
    Bard Song Magic III
    Bard Energy of the Music III
    Improved Concentration II
    Bard Wand and Scroll Mastery III
    Bard Lingering Song III
    Bard Charisma I
    Ranger Sprint Boost I
    Human Versatility II
    Human Improved Recovery II
    Rogue Haste Boost I
    Half-elf Improved Paladin Dilettante II
    Ranger Dexterity I
    Human Adaptability: Constitution
    Human Greater Adaptability: Strength
    Ranger Devotion I

    Around 680 self buffed, capable to get to 730 self buffed plus temporary ones in defensive mode

    Over 1500, with 10% discount on spell costs, SP replenishment, Torc + ConOp, including ED's.

    Fort 45, Will 42, Reflex 53.
    Other defenses are DR 10/Good, Displacement, Ghostly, Dodge 13%, AC around 65-70

    Healing Amplification: 205.9%

    I won't post all of the items for the build as it will use a lot of swaps, suffice to say I have acquired everything important for the build (GS HP item, GS SP Con-Op item, Torc, Red dragonhide, Pinion, quite a few epic things, Litany of the Dead, Upgraded Quiver of Alacrity, ...).

    Now... what do you think? Any suggestions? Any input is welcome before I TR (in a week or so)!
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