The closest I can think of is the paladin base version. Its not just the base class abilities; its the fact that as you have a 'paladin' icon on the party bar, people won't expect you to party heal as they would if you were FvS or Cleric.

I.e. 14 or 15Pal/x/y

The most viable options seem to be:

Pal15/Ranger3/Monk2 - this variant can fit in almost all the feats you'd want, evasion, but no trap skills
Pal15/Ranger2/Monk3 - harder to fit feats in, more heal amp, evasion, no trap skills
Pal15/Ranger4/Rog1 - most feats can be fitted, trapskills possible if base Int is decent, no evasion
Pal15/Ranger4/Monk1 - good for getting all the feats you want, no trapskills/umd, no evasion
Pal14/Ranger4/Rog2 - most feats can be fitted, trapskills and umd, evasion, only 1 4th level spell which limits either dps or self-heals
Pal14/Ranger4/Monk2 - feats can be fitted, evasion, but no trapskills/umd, only 1 4th level spell

I've been looking at the Pal15/Ranger4/x versions, and the shadowdancer ED, to see if the combination looks viable. Evasion makes a huge difference imo, and its loss is non-trivial. Conversely, having access to precise shot and IPS is huge from a ranged perspective, and those two feats are difficult to fit in on the Pal15 versions that retain evasion.

Self healing on a paladin is via CSW or LoH. As such, its less sustainable than on a jugg, but conversely I'm finding I don't really use self-healing that much on my jugg. Typically I cast it in emergencies, which is exactly how LoH would be used too.