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    Default Greater Nimbleness and Armored Agility

    The previous Blue Augment Crystal of Nimble Moves used to confer Greater Nimbleness which is described as:

    "This suit of armor looks much less restrictive than others of its type. A suit of armor that has this property has a maximum Dexterity bonus 2 higher than normal, and its armor check penalty is reduced by 4."

    but the new Sapphire of Armored Agility+2 only seems to perform the MDB portion, not the armor check penalty.

    Is that correct? If so, I'm sad to see the Greater Nimbleness portion of the armor check penalty reduction being lost.
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    I play a Artificer in DDO, but I'm a necromancer in real life.

    I think to be a little fairer to the Warforged they made it so the Sapphire affected everyone equally. They can't seem to figure out how to lower the armor check penalty for the warforged and it's hardcoded in the warforged armor feats themselves.

    Instead of fixing the problem (A programming nightmare if you think about it and I don't think rewrites to the base code are in the budget.) or listening to a lot of warforged complain about how they've been nerfed again, they decided to nerf everyone.

    P.S. I've spent a little bit of time trying to figure out how to fix the programming problem for DDO's warforged armor and was looking up past threads on it and read this post. Haven't figured out any easy fixes yet.

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