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    Default My first Epic Normals soloed

    Hi there, I play the 20th level Light Monk (Grandmaster of Flowers destiny with only the first tier unlocked throughout this chain) Regtur Edisnori on Sarlona. I ran Bargain of Blood, The Black Loch, Storm The Beaches, and The Tide Turns today and this evening, doing Bargain, Loch, and Tide all on Epic Normal with only my trusty Onyx Panther to help me out. Storm The Beaches isn't available on Epic for some reason.

    Anyway, those were my first Epics and I'll admit, I died three or four times in the first two, but there were no deaths in The Tide Turns. In my opinion, the mobs are about as tough as the mobs out in the Shavarath Wilderness area on Epic Normal.

    I mostly got **** for loot, but I think that's due to running it on normal. I at least got enough XP to raise myself to 2nd tier GMoF. Oh, and I got four scrolls. One of Jidz-Tet'ka, one of Chimera's Fang, and two of Blademark's Docent. I think I got sixty-something token fragments all told as well. Got a Corroded Rapier in the final chest of The Tide Turns and I think I got a sigil of the lion and the goat somewhere along the line. The rest was garbage. Now that I've flagged it, I'm gonna farm the hell out of The Tide Turns for Jidz-Tet'ka bracers.

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    with a little practice you will soon be able to hireling solo E hards, they're not much more difficult.

    Albus will look after you :P
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