I have finished several lifes of casters and now it the time to make several melee lifes. I have always played as a caster, so I could heal myself. Besides soloing enough. Past Lives:
2 Sorc
2 FvS
1 18/2 Wiz / rog I've really enjoyed

I'm not VIP, but I have all packs
I have Warforged races, but not the half-orcs and half-elves.

I want to make life as a warrior, barbarian, paladin, ranger, monk.
The other lives (artificer, rogue, cleric, bard) I know how to make them

I want to make it as quick and easy as possible and to allow me soloing (self-healing). I think I´ll need UMD, So I´m thinking about starting with Artificer. (UMD), Barb (+10HP)... I don´t know what should be the next one...
What order recommend me?
What construction for each class?
I do not care multiclassing, Also I think that is better suited to my style of play (caster)
I have green steel goggles concordant-op and HP cloack, but I have greensteel weapons. should I have any particular weapon?
I have enough equipment and pp for any build, so if you could advise me on items to get, I would apreciate it
It would only be up to lvl 20 and then Tring