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    Default Completionist

    I have finished several lifes of casters and now it the time to make several melee lifes. I have always played as a caster, so I could heal myself. Besides soloing enough. Past Lives:
    2 Sorc
    2 FvS
    1 18/2 Wiz / rog I've really enjoyed

    I'm not VIP, but I have all packs
    I have Warforged races, but not the half-orcs and half-elves.

    I want to make life as a warrior, barbarian, paladin, ranger, monk.
    The other lives (artificer, rogue, cleric, bard) I know how to make them

    I want to make it as quick and easy as possible and to allow me soloing (self-healing). I think I´ll need UMD, So I´m thinking about starting with Artificer. (UMD), Barb (+10HP)... I don´t know what should be the next one...
    What order recommend me?
    What construction for each class?
    I do not care multiclassing, Also I think that is better suited to my style of play (caster)
    I have green steel goggles concordant-op and HP cloack, but I have greensteel weapons. should I have any particular weapon?
    I have enough equipment and pp for any build, so if you could advise me on items to get, I would apreciate it
    It would only be up to lvl 20 and then Tring

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    Default In resumary

    I am doing a Wf artif as next life (umd), my problem would be the following life:
    Fighter, barbarian, monk, ranger...?
    Assuming barba (+10hp)
    What build? I Was thinking 8/8/4 barb druid fighter or sorc barbarian fighter or
    Barb druid rog
    What do u thin k?

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    i would do (in fact is what ill do, but 3 of each XD)

    druid(love hires and summons, in fact hink ill take augment summoning in every life at least for low lvls lol)
    arti(int skills for rogue splash getting umd as class skill adds survivality)
    rogue (if get druid splash for sleet storm that will be sneak attack guaranteed, if not the hire/summon can get aggro, if not someone can have the aggro, if not you can sneak...well SA is great lol)
    pally (heal amp is always welcome, with a barb even more lol)
    fighter(+dc is great,as barb even more, tripped mob= less scrolls/pots used lol, and prolly doesn't need the next PL you'll get after this)
    barb(+10 hp for whatever, but will be cakewalk with sneak attack, healing amp, +dc to combat feats, and some umd)
    monk(+1 to damage for what? showoff i guess, with PL you should have at this point can be even disgusting lol)
    ranger(+1 ranged damage...+2 resists...won't suffer w/o that PL while building the completionist)
    bard(nice!!a melee barb with all that PL will hurt a lot)

    build suggestion:

    u said that only heroic lvls was what worries you, then tere are several lame buttons you may want to get: firewall, quickened recon/heal, quickened sleet storm, manyshot & 10k stars, and prolly there are more

    the faster you get the lame button, the better, as example today i played with a 7 wiz/1 rogue/1 barb,the bio said "looks like a wiz?but i'm a barb"

    this guy took firewall, from there rest is cakewalk, pretty sure you remember sorc lives lol

    and... all the classes you miss (except barbarian lol) are pretty good with twf, maybe wanna aim to something like
    6 monk/6ranger/8 your PL, for 10k star & manyshot with twf at low lvls

    this build has to reach 19 dex for improved precise shot(no lvl ups, so guess that base+tome), the idea is pew pew at higher lvls, twf at low lvls(handwraps mostly XD), use zen archery because you are a monk with some wis(lvl ups here), a 16 starting str to have it easier at beginning and 13-14 starting con

    it's like when you lvled a caster and at low lvls were using THF weapons and spells at higher lvls (but sooner than this build XD)

    8 druid for sleet storm+wolf form would be great + 4 rogue would be nice too XD
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    Default Paladin/rogue

    I have started with Paladin. I have choosen the Paladin/rogue path from EllisDee37, but I have changued something.
    My questions are:
    I like rogue splash, love to be trapper.
    I will TR just hitting lvl 20. Iĺl stay at lvl 18.
    What would u do if u were just to lvl 18?
    Paladin 15 is good +2rogue=17 lvl So there is a free lvl (maybe 2 lvl if I take lvl 19): rogue, monk, ranger, wiz or fighter... What do you think?
    I used to solo
    THF or TWF? and What feats and Enchanment for levelling to 18 or 19 max
    I will solo many quests.
    Ty a lot and sorry for my english, Itś not my maternal language.
    PS: I have lvl 4 as 3pally/1 rog. I have no problems by the moment and my stats:
    16 str, 10dex,16cons, 14 int, 8wis, 15 cha. Iḿ thinking Twf is not viable cause I just 10dex, right?

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    1. Buy half-elf
    2. Make all your melee lives cleric dilettantes
    3. Win ddo
    Nerdrage/Endgame ~ Sarlona
    Ekkehart (human PM) - Hammet (WF AM) - Cerussite (helf THF kensei) - Anordineth (helf dark monk)
    Buy my stuff!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkForte View Post
    1. Buy half-elf
    2. Make all your melee lives cleric dilettantes
    3. Win ddo

    Yup sounds pretty efficient

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