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    Default "Thanks For The Memories"

    It is with no small amount of reluctance that I have decided that my time in DDO is at an end.

    I'll not denigrate the game, save to say that it is going in ways that I find I lack enough enthusiasm for to continue to subscribe.

    I have had an enjoyable, if occasionally frustrating, time in Eberron and the Forgotten Realms. I want to thank all with which I have had the pleasure of grouping for making the experience over the years fun. That gratitude goes double for my mates in Day Breakers, and I wish you guys (and gals) all the best in game and out.

    To all: I appreciate what you do in coming to these Forums to express your opinions, positive or negative, because you demonstrate that you care about the state of the game. The only sad thing is that there aren't more who let their voices be heard. Never, ever, be afraid to express your opinions- in the real or virtual world. If you're cowed, they win.

    Take care, one and all. Thanks for putting up with me.
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    Don't bother to leave, Stay and enjoy yourself. The micro transaction model has about reached it's limit so other than the final steps of selling bta and btc loot it won't be able to head in the direction it's going for much longer.

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    Bye-bye Mond
    Miss running with you and am gonna miss Astrelle, the cutest bard corpse in Orien. Take care and hopefully one day you will return.
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    I was out for a week or so Astrelle, so I missed your in-game goodbyes. I remember when you joined Day Breakers and how we dragged all your alts in kicking and screaming as it were :-)

    You were a great addition, and a lot of fun to run with. I like how you would sign up for anything we had going at the drop of a hat! You will be very much missed -just last night I was saying "where the **** is Astrelle?" :-)

    Take care and good luck. You will still be in the guild when you log back in next!

    Goodbye to:
    Astrelle, Invino, Ellishandra, Adamyr, Shikata, Mustapha, Nichievo, Tlaan, Sylinse


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