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    Default 18/2 Paladin Shiradi Gear?

    I'm trying to work out my long-term goals gear wise for my WF'd 18 Sorc/2 Paladin. I'll go Shiradi or Draconic depending on the content - I like both of them, I've already played Draconic and I'm leveling Shiradi right now since I've got enough twist points to unlock Energy Burst twist now.

    My thinking is that if I'm going to be playing much Shiradi I want to have Major Arcane Lore and as much potency as possible. That seems to push me towards blue dragonscale set for the set bonus. I also sniped a wonderful 20% healing amp/superior parrying bracer off of the vendor in Eveningstar. That's going to force me to recraft a Greensteel SP item again but I'll deal with that. Here's the current plan to fit all that in:

    Head: Blue Dragonscale w/ 3 insightful charisma slotted 7 con/2 luck
    Neck: Torc/+150sp greensteel item. I'm not crazy about this slot for the greensteel at all but I don't see much option. Nice thing is that if I swap away from the torc I'm not really losing anything terrible if I forget to swap back.
    Goggles: GS +45hp con-opp
    Trinket: Free slot. Voice until I cap destinies, could cannith craft something in the meantime.
    Docent: Blue Dragonscale covers 80 potency, major arcane lore when upgraded, Greater Spell Pen IX, slotted 35hp's
    Cloak: Level 25 Mantle of the Dragonfriend slotted with +7 resist (gives an empty colorless slot) or EH/EE Ghost Waking Cloak (covers the 8cha/7resist as well and gives DR/Evil 10 or 15 - been hard to get this one for a good price though)
    Bracers: 20% healing amp/superior parrying
    Belt: Arkat's Cord (EN is fine) slotted with Deathblock and Exc. Con +1 - one of the only places I can see to slot Toughness
    Ring1: Master Artifice slotted with Exc. Cha +1 and Heavy Fort
    Ring2: Cannith Crafted +6int/+13conc with Medium Guild Augment (I'm in medium sized guild)
    Feet: Treads of Falling Shadow (any tier is fine...I have the EN currently)
    Hands: Purple Dragon Knight (covers strength 7, ins con +2, and 30% healing amp)
    Offhand: I like the orbs...either magnetism or kinetic would be great. Have EN Magnetism right now.
    Mainhand: Anything with superior lore (lightning or force either one) and complementary damage to my orb.

    This seems to cover all the critical stats. I think that the Major Lore and Potency of the Blue Dragonscale Docent trumps anything else you could get out of other items right now. Once I decide to go there the helm seems like a logical next step and everything else is just trying to fit in the existing gear I have and the stats I need.

    Anyone have any ideas or suggestions? Other than the grind of finding the right Blue Dragonscale Helm and doing the raids for the commendations on the armor nothing in here seems overly hard to get. The Arkat's Cord is pretty easy since I'm cool with EN on it, the Greensteel Necklace while annoying is fairly easy to craft up after a few weeks of Shrouds, and if I can't get an EH/EE Ghost-Waking Cloak an EE Dragonfriend makes a fine replacement.
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    No clue. Gl tho loooolll....

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    Here is what I do for my 18sorc/2pal water savant shiradi:

    Head: EE Blue Helm Blue slot:14 prr Yellow: 200 sp

    Neck: Large guild with 80 buff -- after buff, change to 25% exceptional fort + feather falling (yellow slot) necklace

    Trinket: Lesser Cunning Trinket (50 untyped sp) -- after buff, change to Litany

    Docent: Bluescale Docent T3 Blue slot: +35 false life

    Cloak: Mantle of dragonfirend EE Blue:7 resistance colorless: true blood of imperial blood

    Bracer: Bracer of the Sun Soul

    Belt: Arkat's Cord EE Blue:+2 good luck yelloweathward

    Ring 1: Health +8 ring of balance + 13

    Ring 2: Large guild slot (20hp) +6 ogre power + 33% lightening absorption

    Boots : EE Treads of the falling shadow

    Glove: GS 45 HP Mineral 2

    Weapon: 120 Impulse 12% superior kinetic lore + EE Mountain's Fist (114 glaciation, 114 reconstruction, 114 resonance)

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    My 18sorc/2pal air savant shiradi has:

    Head: EH Blue Helm +8 CHA, Blue slot: 14 PRR Colorless: +2 ins. CHA

    Goggles: ConcOpp +150 SP +6 WIS Blindness Immunity +6 Disease Proof

    Neck: Epic Golden Guile (Ghostly, +20 Diplo, Bluff) Yellow Slot: Deathblock

    Trinket: Idol of Fortune T3 (+3 Good Luck, Heavy Fort, 4% Dodge) Yellow Slot: Fear Immunity

    Docent: Bluescale Docent T3 Blue slot: +35 false life

    Cloak: EH Jeweled Cloak, Green: Undecided, Colorless: +2 ins CON

    Bracer: +8 STR of Superior Parrying (+1 saves ritual)

    Belt: Arkat's Cord EH Blue:+7 resistance , Colorless: +1 exc CON

    Ring 1: T3 Ring of MA Yellow +200 SP, Colorless: +7 CON

    Ring 2: Large guild slot (80 sp) +2 Evocation Focus +10 Concentration (Swap to Djinn for Reaver Kiting)

    Boots : T3 Halcyon Boots, Colorless +2 ins DEX, Yellow: +1 exc. CHA

    Gloves: GS 45 HP Enervation Guard

    Weapon: EH Mountain's Fist (114 glaciation, 114 impulse, 114 magnetism)

    Off-Hand: EH Mountain's Fist (114 corrosion, 114 combustion, 114 resonance)
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