So I was thinking about rolling up a shiradi WF AM, and it occurred to me to drop all DC ambitions entirely, pick up improved precise shot, and use a bow + pin/otto's whistler for cc.

How effective would this be? The reason I stopped playing wizards (and to an extent sorcs) was the constant nerfing of instakill / cc abilities via rampant mob save inflation. Creating a shiradi AM that uses no-save cc ED abilities instead seems like a nice way of getting around this issue.

Generalising this idea further, is there any point in creating a ranged/shiradi force proc'r (or even a melee/shiradi force proc'r)? Such a build would pick up key melee or ranged feats as well as having mm and chain missile SLAs plus other no save spells (Niacs biting cold / eladar's surge / polar ray / enervation or energy drain etc). On paper I would expect that there is no point in ranging or meleeing with such builds (vs. just firing more magic missiles at the darkness) but it would be good to get any feedback from people actually playing such builds.