I have been gone from the game since a little after MOTU dropped, I just recently logged on to play the tr and sensed a noticeable change of the game. From back in the day when you could just have a wiz hold and necro everything and have barbs swing away. To more of a mind set that a class that is only good for one thing is not acceptable. Barbs that are just extreme dps and can't do anything else are more or less useless on EE. If my assumption of this is correct what is the new thinking or "metagame" for DDO at this time and to plan for the future.

My current build is 18barb 1druid 1 rog
I can heal scroll and SF pot but my only defensive type move is stunning blow. I have no respectable ranged dps which I can see to be helpful, since ranged dps in the past was not as needed. My concern is, it worth the extra percentage dps that barb offers but to heal scroll i would have to de-rage and scroll is there melee builds that have come up during my absent that doesn't relay on rage type abilities for dps sort of like the 12ftr/6rng/2rog (is this a viable build for EE)?