After Update 17 went live, we saw reports that, in some circumstances, a player could get no reward when opening the raid chest in Fall of Truth.

We traced the issue to some old (dating from 2007) anti-exploit scripting on the treasure chest object itself, which we determined was no longer necessary. As such, we removed the anti-exploit scripting on this chest in Update 17, Patch 1, which went live a week ago.

Since then, we have not seen new player-submitted bug reports, or noticed any forum posts about this problem. (Though we can't read every thread posted, so it's entirely possible we missed a report somewhere!)

To that end, I'm here to ask you guys for information:
Is this still a problem? Has anyone completed the Fall of Truth, and not gotten anything in the chest?

If so, can you please provide us with the following information:
  • How many times had you completed the raid within the past seven days before experiencing the issue?
  • Were you logged into the game and inside the quest when your group completed the raid?
  • Were you logged into the game and inside the quest when the chest was opened?
  • Did the chest have any rewards in your name at all?
  • If so, exactly what did it have?

Please note, we are currently only looking for information pertaining to this problem with regard to the Fall of Truth raid. There are several other raids which can experience this issue, but we did not make a fix targeting those raids. If we can confirm to our satisfaction that the fix to the Fall of Truth was successful, we will deploy it to the other affected raids in the following game update.

Thank you, and we hope you're enjoying your adventures!