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    Default wtt/wtb for

    im looking for : +3 int and +3 cha helm of blue dragon

    I have plats and :
    - EE arcing sky
    - Eh tortured livewood bow
    - Eh belt of the seven ideals
    - Eh wizard ward's orb (corrosion)
    - Planar focus of subterfuge int+3
    - Eh ring of shadows
    - Eh helm of the black dragon dex+3
    - Eh intricate field optics cha+3
    - Eh kardin's eye
    - Eh death's locket
    - Spidersilk robes int+3
    - planar focus erudition int+3
    - Eh helm of the blue dragon int+8
    - Eh adamantine knuckles
    -Tomes +3 int,dex & constitution
    - Raid bypass

    - augments => topaz feather falling, ruby of superior flame, diamond of exc int+1, sapphire of heavy fort, sapphire of natural armor+7, ruby of superior frost & diamond of constitution +6

    If interested PM or contact me in game on : Jarlaxxxe, levieux, Etnicay, Deionsanders or Deenatural.
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