I rolled a guild renown potion on my daily roll so it got me thinking about joining up with a guild. I guess I'm looking for a guild that fulfills the following criteria:

-Doesnt care that I probably wont want to do group content, chat with you on Vent, etc...I'm mainly a soloer. Not that I'm antisocial, just very casual and I dont like to commit to group play when I might want to go AFK in 10 mins and leave everyone else hanging.
-Has some cool stuff on your airship for me to use
-Doesnt care that I just have one char that I play, that isnt endgame, that doesnt have raid gear, see first point
-Doesnt care that I dont voice chat, though it shouldnt matter if you're fine with point one...
-Doesnt have a lame name :P

I am pretty active though, I log in several times a week for at least a little gameplay.

So basically, I take your buffs, you get renown from me If that still sounds like a good deal, send me a message.