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    Quote Originally Posted by Dorian View Post

    I thought the recharge was melee only.

    So Unbridled Fury works with Ranged (vorpal recharge). What about Fury Eternal? DDOwiki description and ingame text is wrong I guess?

    I'm only on tier 3 of Fury ... can't test yet.
    Yeah, description must be wrong. I definitely get charges back when 100% ranged. And very quickly when Unbridled.

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    Default Some interesting stuff

    Nice comparison thanks to the OP for putting it up. Just a few comments (and I have not read the entire thread so sorry if anything is repetitive):

    1. Although it is nice to compare the DPS directly, it would really be a comparison on a mob standing still that you are hitting for a long time. Ranged are able to hit a target nearly non stop, from the instant you see it on your screen. Melee need to go run and catch up to the target and if it moves around, you won't be hitting all the time. In addition if you take damage (typical of ee setting), you will have to pull back also not hitting the mob during that time. If you have to kite as a melee forget any damage whatsoever. These are all common situations, so common in fact that you are at least losing 20% of your time not hitting a target compared to ranged (that is an educated guess, nothing to back it up just a guess).

    2. Precise shot for boss and IPP for mobs. Both of these add quite a bit of damage. IPP in particular during a manyshot/fury round when you are hitting 2-5 targets at once is an order of magnitude more DPS than any TWF can put out.

    3. DR is much less of an issue in a manyshot/fury situation. On my ranged jugg build I don't even bother with DR breaking buffs anymore when in fury, just stick with deadly weapons because the damage you are doing per arrow is a 30-100 multiplier of the DR the mob has, its more of a rounding error than something to be worried about.

    Would be interesting to compare Celeste in LD to the ranged in Fury.
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