So, I have almost farmed out all of the EDs to max out my fate points. I'm a Sorc so I plan on using Draconic, Magister or Shiradi depending on what I am doing when I'm done farming. So, I have maxed out tier 5 in each of these.

My question for you is this, when you farm out the other EDs, you only need to get to tier 5 to get the fate points. You don't actually have to farm all the ranks in tier 5 and if you will never use that ED, why farm those useless ranks?

One possible answer is because as the cap goes up, ED levels may go up and you want to be ready toe level them up. I don't think this is likely. The way they are built, I bet they stay at 5 levels even when the cap goes up.

That being said, I feel like something is incomplete without farming the useless ranks. So do i give into my obsessive compulsive bend in this? Or do I tell myself that there is no point, go enjoy the game instead running that same quest over and over and over just to get useless ranks.