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    Default Shard Exchange, make it really take off...

    Turbine, want to see this Shard Exchange thing really take off? Make it cross server.

    (I think it would be an interesting experiment...)
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    it will go on and on and on to level 999

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    what will really make it take off is going outside the BTCoE limit and include other types of bound items. I think Turbine wants to spread out their profit over time instead of just opening it right up to everything in the first week though.

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    I don't think they have a tech to make it cross server...Look at character transfers, you cannot move back after you move. Possibly using unique item numbers for each server.
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    Oh and honestly, you are all carrying portal beaters on your casters? What on earth are you using it on often enough to clog up your bag with it?
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    there's no way to do, they should have thought it before implementing the ASAH, now there's no way to go back

    and have in mind 1 thing: bids/buyouts actually have a big lag(you know, can't bid/buyout, the button is on grey so have to wait til it pops up) cross server would be insane

    and the ASAH should be placed in another (virtual) server where all the stuff should be placed/posted, if not when 1 server is down it would be doom everywhere

    cross server(whatever) is an expensive feature that i would never allow turbine's dev to do, simply there're so many bufs not fied yet, so many incredible simple (hires' AI, ladders, crossing walls) and not solved that... i would never risk what we have actually for a non-necessary stuff

    it would be useful only for low populated servers that have low offer or high prices, but the solution isn't a cross sserver ASAH, is fusing servers
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