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    Quote Originally Posted by Memnir View Post
    Memnir, I think I can speak for all of us when I say, I love you.

    The random dragon encounters in EGH are some of best moments I've had in game. I'm glad to know you enjoy them just as much as I do .
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    Very nice! Congrats to you
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    thanks for sharing.

    It's refreshing when someone just simply posts about something that is just plain cool.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shade View Post

    Personally I find the green dragons have the most terrible AI of any monster in the game. Guess it's good at least someone can enjoy it
    Can't just stop at congratulations, eh? Just have to throw in a statement belittling it at the end.

    As a player who has posted numerous 'who cares' achievements yourself, you'd think you could just be nice or not post at all.

    Personally Memnir, I AM impressed and offer a hearty and sincere 'well done!' Thanks for sharing it with us.

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    Those challenges, feeling the adrenaline, that´s what DDO is all about. Don´t matter if you are a low lev newbie fighting a beholder for the first time or a vet soloing ee. It´s all about the challenge.

    Congratz for experiencing that. Never be afraid to post this achievements, no matter what powergamers boast about (it´s like comparing a professional sportsman to an amateur).

    One of my best DDO moments was very similar to yours: running my warchanter (ungeared casual player here) into the the King´s Forest Green Dragon knowing zero about its existence and going "Chaaaargeeeee!!!!". I made him eat dust after 20 or so heal scrolls
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