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    YAY !! The WotC OPTA for 5th Edition D&D doesn't really let me share any of the juicy details, but Anti-Paladins are back in D&D as a playable option !!

    Generally speaking, 5E is probably the hands-down bestamest version of D&D that I've ever seen.

    OK, all of my own meagre behind-the-scenes, uncredited, ninja-like contributions from 1st+ into the 3rd edition paradigm have been completely jettisoned (well, one of them will probably make a semi-comeback closer to publication date, I'd guess), but that does not bother me in the SLIGHTEST because the 5E paradigm is five times better than everything that it's replacing, including my stuff.

    But the Anti-Paladin development makes me particularly happy -- 1/3 reasons why my Main has been not just unplayable, but indescribable in any rules set since Second Edition AD&D (with some 1E add-ins) has been trash-canned as well.

    Anti-Paladin/Wizard with 1E Psionics, a deep (but secret) sense of personal honour, wings (!!!), loathed by millions worldwide, surrounded by traitors (most of whom : Player Characters), and serious moral and spiritual issues with his own Death goddess FTW ..

    If the development of 5E continues in this direction, I might even potentially consider returning to tabletop as a player ... o.O

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