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If this thread seems like I'm bragging about myself, I'm really bragging about YOU. You fellow players who frequent these forums have been such a huge help to me since I started playing and I just wanted to say thank you.

My first character to 20 was the Pale Trapper build. I've stopped playing him until Wail is fixed, but he was a lot of fun and pretty easy to level.

Then I made a Warforged Artificer. I was frustrated and confused at first, but you guys gave me really good advice. Now it is one of my favorite classes to play, and he is almost level 23 now (still frustrated by the lack of a decidated ED for them, but that's not your fault.)

Then I wanted to make a self healing light monk, and needed a LOT of advice on how to do it, especially gear-wise. At first I was not impressed, but I pressed on. Getting Improved Crit Bludgeoning and Vampiric Handwraps at 12 helped. But after getting Greater Two Weapon Fighting and Quivering Palm at 15 and even better gear - WOW! A decently geared monk at level 15 is AMAZING. This is absolutely my favorite character to play right now. She's running around Vale of Twilight (L16 Wilderness area) right now with NO HIRELING and staying at full health almost all the time. Don't have to shrine. Don't even have to use Wholeness of Body. Because you told me to get Jitz Bracers, I run in Fire Stance all the time. The Ki is pouring in like a river, so I ALWAYS have enough Ki for Stunning Fist and Quivering Palm. I keep WIS as high as I can, and it keeps those abilities proccing at a really good clip. I also use Jorg's Collar for the 10% melee alacrity. Per your advice I went to Crystal Cove for the first time ever and got the gloves that deal extra damage AND the trinket that gives me perma-blur. Then I went to that raid you recommended and got the Cloak of Invisibility out of the Drow boss chest. So now I hit incorporeal AND am 10% incoporeal myself. So I have almost a 50 AC, 7% Dodge chance, 10% Incorporeal, and 20% Blur. Combine this with my L15 Ivy Wraps giving me 2 hp per hit, and of my 332 hp I never drop below 300 in Vale. I have Cleric Dill 3 so I can use heal scrolls at 95% now, but other than stat damage I never even need it (not yet at least). I use the Cleric Dilly more for protection from elements, as needed. Monks have great saves. I have Improved Evasion so I laugh at most traps. I'm running at least 50% faster due to Monk levels + 30% striding, which is amazing, not even mentioning abundant step as an option. When I group with my friends/guildies I am always at the top of the kill list. The list of benefits goes on, but right now I am truly amazed. Vale Wilderness was a struggle for my Pale Trapper at level, but for this character its laughably easy, and she's only level 15. Again, not bragging. YOU GUYS are the reason. You keep giving new players like me great advice on how to stay alive, and I really appreciate it.

Now I'm working on a Cleric/Wizard splash. She is almost 11 now. Not nearly as fun as the monk or arti, but very durable. And you guys gave me great advice on that build also.

So keep up the good work and give yourselves a pat on the back. Thank you again for your great advice and ideas, and your willingness to share them with newer players.
I absolutely agree there are many awesome people here who don't mind helping. The people,for the most part, make this game worth playing. But I believe your attitude has alot to do with it. You can do anything with a good attitude. Happy hunting !