So I have done a bit of looking around and I have gotten some conflicting info on the use of a ultimate game card. I come here in hopes of clearing things up a bit.

My first question is related to what you get when you use a UGT card. I found more then one topic about using a UGT omits any double points, bonus points, and special offers that are going on leaving only a default value of points. Is this true?

My second question is the use of a UGT card to get vip. As far as I know there is nothing special or added on to the vip pack, so if the first question holds true, would it be a wiser decision to just use them for vip? Is there anything that I would be missing out on or anything else I should know for this?

My last question is where I should use the code. So far I have seen 3 different topics pointing to 3 different areas.
The only one I have seen the UGT image tho is the place where you can put the code in while logged in in game.
One of the other topics stated you need to go to the UGT website and select DDO from there list to get a code that you would then bring back to put in.

Anyway if anyone has info on any of these you will help me out a ton.
Thanks in advance!