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    This evening's adventures were quite fun. First time in a few weeks we have had everyone present and accounted for! That was bad news for the kobolds and hobgoblins of Shan-To-Kor!

    Currently STORM has five members, all have been with us from the beginning, although one character was re-specced from a Ranger/Rogue (or just ranger?) to pure rogue around level 4ish. So our current make-up is:

    Cadrod - L6 Bard
    Specialities: Inspire, Blur, Crowd Control

    Narcene - L6 Rogue
    Specialities: Traps, Bluff, Kill

    Percivul - L6 Cleric
    Specialities: Healing, Blessing, Herding members who stray to far from group

    Vinnie - L3 Paladin/L3 Rogue
    Specialities: Sneak Attack Smites, back-up trapsmith

    Jedial - L6 Paladin
    Specialities: Kill stuff, bum rush casters

    We started with the first quest in the Shan-to-Kor chain on elite, The Cloven-jaw Scourge: Blockade. Things were going well as we merrily hacked and slashed our way through waves of kobolds. Descending ever deeper into the maze of tunnels we came to an area inhabited by the undead. After clearing the main area of these undead, and defeating a small group of kobolds defending the room just before the descent into the next lower area, we decided to confront and slay the human necromancer responsible for creating the undead. Unfortunately, our group communication suffered a breakdown as some were still buffing when the final door was opened prematurely. Our scout, Narcene, was caught in the tunnel facing multiple enemies alone, and though Jedial was close on her heels he arrived a moment too late. Before Jedial could strike him down, the necromancer let loose a lightning strike and felled our little halfling scout. We decided that we were far enough along to continue the quest with Narcene's stone in our backback. This was a tough call... We were pretty far along in the quest and didn't want to start over, yet we weren't as close to the end as we thought. Narcene was a good sport though, and tagged along patiently as a ghost for the next 15 minutes or so. At the end of the quest, Jedial had acquired his long awaited 4th action point, and proceeded to a trainer to learn "Undying Call". Yay! Now STORM has the ability to bring dead members back to life. This would prove useful in the very next quest...

    Next up was The Cloven-jaw Scourge: The Caverns of Shaagh on elite. Hobgoblins are most definately tougher than kobolds. However, our team work and savvy were up to the task. Early during the adventure (or was it toward the end of the previous adventure?) Percy realized he was forgetting to equip his devotion staff when casting heals and radiant bursts. Oops! (lol) Also, our little halfling Vinnie (the Greaser) managed to die twice during the quest (once forgetting to use her LOH - oops) but as Jedial had just picked up undying call, this was but a minor inconvenience.
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