I will address the changes only:

The big one first:the stormreaver
The easy way to deal with him is with a high electricity absorb tank, which should also be able to dps down pretty much alone(with help of other ranged towards the end). Also, notice that there is a countdown in the middle of your screen when you are about to get struck, this is very useful since you can have the 3rd tier ability energy block to have an aditionnal absorption when blocking. Also, it is a good idea to twist the shiradi shield and the draconic electricity shield also. with electric absorb 10(wizard's ward)+15(shiradi)+20(epic demonscale)+30(acitve block from sentinel)33(cannith crafted trinket)+50(draconic shield), i had 85% overall absord, which resulted in being hit between 200-250 with the stormreaver bolts, very managable, you could easilly have less absorb(on eh, no idea on ee yet). Oh and dont forget to keep him away from the rest of the team, but that's pretty obvious.

Regarding the dragons that now respawn everytime, assign someone to kite the two you are not killing(i suggest killing them, their trash is annoying) and just demolish them, not a big problem either, they did go down fast enough on the runs we did it.

This raid is still easy, you just need some preparation.