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    Default Daily Rolls: Worth the money for the Shards?

    During the third item give away on Lamannia, Squeak dropped several thousand Astral Diamonds, which I crunched a few into shards to see if it would be worth buying shards to get items off the store from the Daily Dice. I started with approx. 2500 AS and ended with 13. I am excluding all Collectibles as they took up to much room and are not worth much.

    So at 2,795TP for 500 AS, it would cost 13,975TP for 2500

    After ~160-180 gold rolls (due to the fact that I won some AS from rolls) I received:

    49 Concentrated Major Spell Potions ~ 850TP
    40 Concentrated Superior Spell Potions ~ 900TP
    1 Superior XP Potion ~ 595TP
    3 Excellent Xp Potions ~ 1050TP
    4 Major Xp Potions ~ 1400TP
    8 Greater Xp Potions ~ 2000TP
    7 Medium Xp Potions ~ 665TP
    2 Major Guild Potions ~ 700TP
    3 Greater Guild Potions ~ 750TP
    3 Major Slayer Potions ~ 360TP
    2 Greater Slayer Potions ~ 180TP
    24 Huge Loot Gems ~ 1000TP
    7 Large Loot Gems ~ 250TP
    23 Siberys Spirit Cakes ~ 3675TP
    1 Junior Fleshrender ~ 295TP
    1 Purple Rat ~ 195TP
    10 Elixirs of Supreme Ability 320TP
    1 Yellow Dopant ~ 395TP
    10 Angel Tear Potions 400TP.
    3 Raid Bypass Timers 450TP
    202 Store Items Totaling 14,630

    So overall in TP items it comes out about the same, but its random with DD, where as you could buy the items you wanted with the Store.

    Other Items of note:
    20 Greater Earth Essences
    20 Greater Good Essences
    37 Greater Body Essences
    17 Greater Chaos Essences
    16 Greater Divine Essences
    18 Greater Law Essences
    118 Lesser Water Essences
    53 Lesser Arcane Essences
    59 Lesser Air Essences
    51 Lesser Evil Essences
    108 Lesser Mind Essences
    53 Lesser Chaos Essences
    111 Lesser Divine Essences
    57 Lesser Fire Essences
    113 Lesser Law Essences
    1 Durable Alloy
    1 Flawless Green Dragonscale
    1 Greater Cannith Power Cell
    1 Lammmanian Lily Petal
    1 Medium Splintered Horn
    1 Mystical Cannith Power Cell
    1 Pliable Ingot
    4 Potions of Death Ward (20 Min) ML1
    10 Potions of Firesheild(Cool) (1m45s) ML1
    15 Potions of Firesheild(Warm) (1m45s) ML1
    4 Potions of Haste(Level 20) (2min) ML1
    1 Shavarath Signet Stone
    1 Shield Fragment Seven
    1 Shield Fragment Two
    1 Volatile Alloy

    DO note this was done on Lamannia and MAY not be completely accurate, but Turbines not known for changing anything from Lamannia to Live anyway...
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