Nearing the end of my third arti life, I am looking ahead to the other PLs I'd like to get under my belt and have decided to pursue 3 Sorcerer lives next. I have never capped or even gone past lvl 12 on any toon but this arti. Air Savant appeals greatly to me; as an arti I've used electricity quite a bit.
My question is thus - would it horribly gimp me to go 14/6 Sorcerer/Arti? This is strictly for heroic levels to TR mind you. I thought about maybe building a Lit2 bastard sword to use with Chimera's Breath, and making use of an extensive collection of heavy repeaters and the Battle Engineer, and naturally Air Savant 2. I thought maybe it would be fun, with Lightning Motes and stuff, doing some ranged and melee in addition to spell slinging.
This build would be primarily for fun, and leveling to 20. I've never played a Sorcerer before, so if this isn't an abomimation, maybe some tips/advice/suggestions? I have invested heavily in the toon: greater learning, +1/2/3/4 tomes across the board, VIP, etc.

As always, thanks in advance to any and all feedback. As a final note, and I know this is sub-optimal, but I will not make a WF. Personal preference, I just loathe the way the look and will not subject myself to it visually.