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    Default 1400 +

    Sold misc hand wraps 3

    Bought Ring of Unknown Origins for 5 - Has a yellow slot on it which is perfect for the free deathblock augment I got. Ring already has resist Poison + 6 and resist Disease + 6 so now will be semi good immuno object. Since ring is level 13 no change in level due to lvl 12 augment (unless its borked)

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    Default 1400 +

    3 * +1 Tomes 6 shards

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    Default 1400 +

    +1 Tome of wisdom 3 (weirdly I got this throw the daily roll)
    Ioun Stone Dex 12 (Bound to Account after equip so cost 40%)
    Misc weapons 9

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    Default 1400+

    Augment of Striding 30% 7 shards.

    Saw multiple up for hundreds and consistantly listed this one for lower but no one was buying so put at low starting. I find it strange that augments are listed for 100's of shards when you can buy them from the store for so much less.

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    Default 1400+

    +1 Wis Tome 3 Shards

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    Thumbs up 1400 +

    Flaming bow of Suns Fury 7 Shards
    Great Club of Sun (lvl4 good for running the Silver Flame series) 3 shards

    Weapons are a difficult sell always looking for Sun, Suns Fury, Pand Temp etc If they have a good prefex you can get a good price for them on the AH

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    Have 1846 as.
    Selling lds and frds for 25+ as.

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    Reavers Ring 11
    Drow Mace 17

    The new reavers ring is a large step up on what it used to be (nice heavy fort at lvl 9 plus fear immunity). If I didnt already have lvl 9 heavry fort in a hat I would have kept it

    Green Augment Slot
    - Sapphire of Heavy Fortification
    Immunity to Fear
    Will Save -2

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    Default 1500 +

    Bracers of Deftness (old style) 3
    Misc Caster weapon (ice ice , acid acid etc) 3
    Red Weapon augment 7

    100 to go till the new guildship, sales are currently out stripping rank movement with the guild we are level 47 so prob need to farm renown for a bit

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    Default 1550+

    Have cleaned out an old char who TR'd but I havent got around to building up again. Had lots of old style items

    Dusk Hearts (1 new 1 old style) 15
    Misc weapons 12
    Bracers of deftness (1 new 1 old style) 12
    Misc rare items 18

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ivan_Milic View Post
    Have 1846 as.
    Selling lds and frds for 25+ as.
    Seems a good way to make shards but I dont run shroud enough to make it sustainable. Using all my ingredients to make a set of smoke goggles for one of my TRs, they are so helpful on a fighter type

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    Default 1500+

    havent been doing to much selling focused on finishing this life to TR again.

    Chord of reprisals 11
    Misc weapon 6

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    Default 1700 + and Done

    100 Majors for 100 shards, had built them up on the journey to 20 (as a fighter type you dont tend to use them) and need to clear the space for the next stack.

    Have enough for my new boat so we should be looking pretty good when the guild reaches required level. Once that happens will aim to make the shards required for the next boat.

    If would be good if you could spend the shards in the store like TP would really like to get some boxes

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    Default 1800 +

    Won 75 shards off the gold role (wierdly also one a + 1 skill tome of silver on same day)

    Sold misc weapons 12
    New etheral bracers 9

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