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Hehe, was waiting for that G, I'll see what I can do to comply.

Ok, was off by 2k.

I'm definitely not worthy. LOL! Course I'm not running EE content either so it's unlikely I'll ever sell at that level ever. It's mind boggling, and yet it isn't. Apparently people want some high level gear REALLY badly. I suspect this will die down after the big spenders get the items they want.

How many items do you think you've sold so far? What is the highest amount you've sold something for on the ASAH?

I would think this might put to bed the idea that Turbine isn't going to be making a ton of money off of this. 75K shards, if he got them all through sales, means folks spent around 114-115k thousand buying Hendrik's stuff. It also means, despite the forum calls for boycotting the ASAH, there are PLENTY of folks who are happy to use it.

I hate to suggest it, but I also have to wonder if there were a LOT more astral diamonds out there because of *cough* loopholes *cough* that occurred in the past? There may also be players sitting on stacks of scales and stuff and now dumping them for shards to buy the stuff they actually want. I'm still surprised players are able to consolidate such a large quantity in just three days.