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    Default Oculus Rift - the mother of all game changers!

    This is an urgent plea to all the devs, please, please, please.... start working on a port for DDO for the Oculus Rift!~

    30 years of gaming and it's finally arrived, and with a plethora of games already receiving a port for this device, i'm thinking this would be the icing on the cake for me - ddo with an Oculus Rift port.

    I could die (and be res'd) happy now that this piece of equipment has finally arrived, after all this time dreaming about it, and DDO should be the first mmorpg to have it's port!.

    For anyone that has no idea what it is, google that thang, but quick, and then chime in on this thread to dev-plead-beg for the DDO Oculus RIft port~

    Coit out~
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    I first thought of D3

    then I googled

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