"Newbie Night" is scheduled for Wednesday, March 20th, at 8:00 PM Central. Once again, I'm looking to target folks in either the level 1-4 or level 5-8 range this week. However, if there are folks out there who need a hand with anything beyond those levels please feel free to ask.

And now for what the basics of "Newbie Night" are:

"Newbie Night" is open to the public and a LFG will be made if needed. If you are a new player, returning player, or a patient vet then this learning group will be your cup of tea.

I'll pretty much be taking the first five who either reply to this thread or hit up the LFG. If in the event more than a group's worth is interested at a time, I will need to split my time as fairly as I can. This would mean running a few quests with the initial group then recreating a new group with those who have been waiting and so on. If for some reason I should have more folks waiting than I have time to invest, they will get priority spots for the following week's "Newbie Night" event.

Quest difficulty will be dependent on party composition and party comfort level. Loot rules will be "your loot is your loot," but passing needed loot to your fellow party members is very much encouraged. Zerging or griefing is not permitted and will not be tolerated. The purpose is for folks to learn the quests and how to work with each other in a group setting in a pressure-free environment while having fun.

If you are planning to attend or have commentary to offer, please indicate under this thread or you can send me a private message. Also, please feel free to look for me in-game in any of my guises if you should have any questions, suggestions, or interest.

Nuxava - Level 22 Elf Rogue (Assassin/Shadowdancer)
Xyrhakah - Level 18 Elf Wizard (Pale Master)
Nuxvymyka - Level 14 Drow Sorcerer (Air Savant)
Jyssana - Level 11 Elf Favored Soul (Angel of Vengeance)
Zyraxa - Level 11 Drow Cleric (Radiant Servant)
Vyvana - Level 11 Drow Bard (Virtuoso)
Eluvereth - Level 9 Drow Druid (Season's Herald)
Nuxania - Level 7 Elf Ranger (Arcane Archer)
Nuxaja - Level 4 Drow Sorcerer (permanently at Level 4 to assist new players or alts)

See you all Wednesday night!