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    Default Upgrades to Cannith raids (Would like dev comment)

    Please add level 24 upgrades to the alchemical weapon system, the house c raids were by far the best content package that i have been in game to see. That opinion is widely agreed with by conversations with others, the raids would be run frequently and even enjoyed if the gear were to be upgraded. Most of the gear filled a unique slot that other gear had only been occupied by green steel weaponry, it amazes me that with u14 that this area of the game would have been allowed to fall into such disrepair.
    LoB from what ive read and been told remains as one of the hardest if not the hardest in the game. It really isnt run for anything but enjoyment now.

    LvL 24 upgrades are really necessary to make house C shine again.
    Ideas: synergistic ending upgrades for each termination combo of the 4 elemental spirits, somewhat like greensteel but more flexible in a sense that u can mix anything.

    Upgrades to weapon dice would be a big help as these are currently sub-par weapon profiles compared to named loot.

    If the combos could lead to higher power weapon profiles i dont think anyone would complain, thinking like tempered greensteel but to a different level and more flexible.

    Active weapon attacks or bursts, as this is crafted magical weaponry i think it could be feasible to give us clickies on our weapons that either release a burst of energy or add a flow of energy to our attacks IE, high damage elemental ball clicky or... add 5d6 X damage per hit for the next 20-60sec Xcooldown.

    Just random ideas, what i would more like to hear is that if there are plans to add on to house c soon or somtime or ever, feedback greatly appreciated.
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    I certainly am not willing to grind out alchemical weapons for the reasons the OP lists.

    Likewise, I'd like to see lvl 24 versions of other scaled items--Crystal Cove and Cannith Challenges. It was done for Mabar (thanks btw).
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