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    Default GS and Absorb items

    Just wondering if GS absorbtions items stack with items like the dijinn ring or a cannith crafted absorb item? Thanks in advance for any responses.

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    "Elemental absorption reduces the amount of damage the wearer takes by the percentage specified AFTER all other protections and resistances have been penetrated.
    Different degrees of elemental absorption stack. However, do not simply add the various absorption rates (e.g. 10% + 15% does not equal 25%), you multiply them (0.9 * 0.85 = 0.765; for a 23.5% reduction)."

    Thus, like many other modifiers (including heal amp), your best bet is to go for large values (i.e. fire shield or energy sheathe: [element]) and 33% absorption paired with high resistance; if you can fit in smaller values, like 10% and 15%, that will stack and make things even better in a multiplicative--not additive--manner.

    Hope that helps.
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