Just throwing this out there, because the new combat "system" that came out with MotU has killed my gaming experience. I took 6 months off to see if it got better, but it didn't.

I don't have any motivation to get better gear; why should I? I can spend a week farming the absolute latest gear.... which will make ~1% difference in my character's usefulness.

I can start a new character, but I'll be back in the same boat in a week or two.

I can start on a new server, but that only delays things until I sell one or two nice pieces of loot, then I can twink myself out so that 2 weeks later, I'm in the same situation. Also, I am running out of servers to start anew on.

So, assuming that Turbine is so proud of this pile of feces they call an expansion that they will not revert it, is there a possibility of getting a separate server that uses the Dungeons & Dragons system again?

Honestly, the only reason I played this game for so long is that it was D&D; it is no longer D&D, but a WoW clone with multiclassing, and if I wanted to play WoW, I would never have left to play D&D.

I want D&D back!