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    Quote Originally Posted by skaught78 View Post
    Thanks so far for all the advice. I'm still wondering though, if I understand the past life feats.

    The fighter +3 to attack is more or less a +3 to my BAB correct?

    And the +3 damage would more or less only be 3 more H.P. taken off an enemy on a successful strike no?
    BAB affect extra attacks, the +3 to hit from pl wont... but its like having +6 str in terms of to hit chances... so it's decent... but imo the +3 tactics you will get might be more important if you at sometime get interested in using tactics like trip, stun, sunder... (I know you are thinking of a rogue, but maybe you will at some point get some of that or multiclass or something)

    That + to tactics can be really sweet (of course depending on the build you will use)

    The +3 damage is actually more depending on your crits, if you crit that + will get multiplied so basically it's between +10% or 30% depending on weapon and feats. (so its 3.3 or 3.9 or maybe more with EDs)
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    Quote Originally Posted by skaught78 View Post
    Very informative! Thanks to all so far!

    Whats "PRR"?
    Physical Resistance Rating (PRR)

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    i thought you only got the benefit of 3 past lives, why then would be take up to 9?
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    Only 3 of each type stack, but they all stack with each other, so you could have 3 PLs of fighter, barb, rogue, monk etc with the corresponding benefits.

    It all comes down to how much you like to TR. For any melee I like to have monk past lives. Thats extra dmg every attack you make for the rest of your characters life. That's a lot of dmg and it's a huge difference in the heroic levels so taking monk first is usually the best call for a melee.

    As has been stated monks are very easy to play. If you pick a human light path pure monk he more or less levels himself to 20 and lets you learn the class. From there you should try dark monk to see which you like better, both have their advantages and disadvantages, plus you will have acquired some of the DR breaking wraps you'll need as a dark monk that light monks don't need. Finally as you last monk life you can do a monk/rogue mix. Something like 12 monk 7 rogue 1 fighter. You'll have a ton of monk experience after that and will probably want to play a monk.

    If you still like TRing after this I would go for 2 paladin lives, which you basically play as monks. 10 paladin 9 monk 1 rogue are good for those. You're also getting rogue play which you want.

    At this point with +3 dmg every hit and 10% healing amp you are in excellent position to go rogue as many times as you want. No other past life really adds much you will need. As a rogue you'll easily hit 40 umd with epic levels so you don't really need arty PLs. Fighter PLs are meh now. Barbs aren't fun to take 20, and give you 10 hps for 4.3 million of really have to like TRing to invest in those.

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