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    Default Need thoughts on another Ranger build idea :)

    I've been tweaking around my next life's plan for a human Ranger life (third life), and right now I'm thinking of a 14 Ranger/6 Arti split. 1 rgr, 1 arti for buffs and RXBs, 6 Rgr for L2 spells and Tempest I, 6 Arti for Battle Engineer, rest Rgr to Tempest II. Will have enough skillpoints to max Conc, Balance, Disable Traps, Search, and Spot (I think). Feats are kinda locked into the obvious: Tempest prereqs, IC: Slashing, Prof: Khopesh, Emp Heal/Maximize, Toughness, Power Attack.

    The idea is a hybrid melee/ranged, opening with Manyshot for initial burst DPS then switching to TWF khopeshes for the bulk of combat. Arti 6/BE gives me some self buffs in melee and ranged, Echoes of Power, earlier access to better Healing (Admixtures+Ranger Devotion, I think Healing buffs affect Admixtures...Emp Heal does), and I was thinking of using Endless Fusillade with a CC/debuff xbow (Paralyzing, Wounding of Puncturing, etc.) to debuff bosses/named mobs during the pull (-10 or more Con, shaken, etc.) or lay down initial CC against large packs with IPS (since its only 5/rest). I'll be able to trap as well, and hopefully open locks with the right gear.

    I thought that would give me more versatility than, say, an 18 rgr/2 fight or a 17 rgr/2 fight/1 rogue...I wouldnt be as melee-focused as such a build and wouldnt have the feats for Cleave/GC or other melee enhancements, but I'd have better trapping, the offensive buffs should make up for much of what I lose from Fighter, and I'd have more ranged power.

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