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    Default Gear setup for endgame?

    Hello, leveling up my main now (kzahad) as a bard (16-2-2 bard fighter rogue)
    He is a human and will be a virt.

    After all those years of Tr:ing i have more or less just items in a big complete mess, and nothing special for a bard.

    I hope this will be his final Life. He is a completionist and have 1 pastlife in all except fav and wiz, there he has more (dont ask why cause i cant answer why i did that).

    I am wondering if any has ideas of a decent gear setup to start from?

    Ideal would be one "easy" cheap gear setup as a start at 25, and that can be improved when i farm/get the "better" gear.

    Only thing that is a must is White dragon helm + White dragon light armor, cause i really like the look of it :-)
    (and high heal amp is a must)

    Hope some ppl can help or direct links that maybe already do it? But i dont see any that include GH items, and those are awesome (cause can maybe start with Epic n and go upwards or so.

    (he is a twf btw)

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    I have the exact same build with the exception of going dwarf THF instead of human TWF. For me the dwarven axe damage enhancements, racial save boosts, and CON boosts seemed better that the extra feat and extra skill points. I generally plan gear for my toons at certain level ranges. Here are the gear layouts for my 16/2/2 virt bard at level 20-21 and then at cap (level 25):

    Level 20-21:
    Neck: Epic Shimmering Pendant
    Trinket: Greater Stalwart
    Bracers: Bracers of Sun Soul (or bracers of wind for more dodge and perma-blur)
    Gloves: PDK Gloves
    Cloak: GS HP +45 item with conc/opp
    Boots: Boots of Propulsion
    Head: PDK Helmet
    Goggles: Lenses of the Woodsman
    Belt: Epic Spare Hand (Tier 3) slotted with Heavy Fort
    Armor: Hide of the Goristro (Insightful STR +3 and Stunning +10 version)
    Ring 1: Buccaneer Ring (Tier 3) slotted with Toughness
    Ring 2: Cannith Crafted Devotion 66 of Persuasion
    Main Hand: Various loot-gen great axes (utility or DPS)
    Off Hand: n/a

    Level 25:
    Neck: Epic Shimmering Pendant
    Trinket: Greater Stalwart (hot swap spot: Spyglass for UMD boost/trap skills, ioun stone for spell absorb)
    Bracers: Twisting Shade
    Gloves: PDK Gloves
    Cloak: GS HP +45 item with conc/opp
    Boots:: Boots of Propulsion (could do better here but I like the jump boost)
    Head: Flawless White Dragon
    Goggles: Dream Visor (EH or EE version)
    Belt: Epic Spare Hand (Tier 3) slotted with Heavy Fort
    Armor: Flawless White Dragon
    Ring 1: Buccaneer Ring (Tier 3) slotted with Toughness
    Ring 2: Seal of House Dun'Robar (Stunning +10 version)
    Main Hand: Great Axe Chained Soldier (EH or EE version)

    The only thing I don't like about my level 25 gear set is that my Stunning +10 item has moved from the armor to ring. And it's pretty expensive and/or hard to find that version of the Dun'Robar ring as it's pretty desirable for a great number of melee builds.

    Anyway, I hope this helps. My guy is level 23 atm and a blast to play. Enthralling mobs in all content against pretty much any type of mob (got the music of the maker and music of the dead songs) makes for some smooth sailing. Well, at least when the rest of the group is on board with bard song-type CC.
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    Thanks alot for the gear layout! And quite decent grind for it also, so quite accesible if you play some.

    Do this gear have +30 heal ampl "only" from gloves? Or is 20% with some other Place?
    And what Dodge % do this set get?

    Do any other have some u17 sets with White dragon light armor+ head for us melee bards? Or see any "easy" improvement of the set above?

    (Probably its so fun play bards so bards play and not lurk on the forum hopefully :-)

    (yes dorfs are funnier and cooler, but i wanted the feat as compl, and i wanted skill Points, and i am in love with heal ampl, so it was quite obvious for me going human, if enhancement pass says something else afterwards i just tr him to a dorf asap, with or wo rog/fighter lvls, i sort of Dream of a dorf 20 warchanter, and then cap raise to 28 you get an extra feat that way)

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    My current setup with options

    Neck: Shintao cord looking to upgrade to Jorg or Death's locket
    Trinket: Planar focus (was using a good luck +2 until I got a CitW weapon
    Bracers: +8 STR of Sup. Parrying
    Gloves: Nether Grasps
    Cloak: Jeweled cloak (with iSTR and +7 resistance)
    Boots: GS hp (with blindness immunity instead of the lower HP)
    Head: Flawless White Dragon (+3 iSTR, +2 good luck)
    Goggles: Dream Visor (solo) / Tharne's goggles (group/raid)
    Belt: GS SP
    Armor: Flawless White Dragon (+Natural AC)
    Ring 1: Epic Ring of the Stalker
    Ring 2: Kyosho's ring looking to upgrade to Dun Robar's
    Main Hand: Cleaver/Sireth but not useful to you as a TWF

    My bard was initially an Axesinger (Dwarf using TWF Dwarven axes).
    Given the lack of good Dwarven Axes and the focus on THF destinies, I switched to THF when I got a Sireth.
    Went with White armor too since I was soloing a lot and going from ~0% miss chance to 45% was a great improvemet in damage taken. Black would have been more dps, but will be keeping black scales for my Juggernaut.
    I almost gave up on my bard until we see the enhancement changes as I feel Artificers are so much more flexible. Been playing on my Juggernaut lately and I love the improved versatility (can melee as efficiently as bard, but ranged is much better) and the improved healing (Reconstruct + scrolls instead of just scrolls)

    I hope the enh revamp will be good to bards so I can pick it back up later.
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    Here's my pre-U17 spellsinger dualbox buffer/chest blesser's budget setup. Could no doubt do a lot better now.

    Body: Spidersilk Robes (+3 insight cha, war wizard set)
    Helm: Purple Dragon Helm
    Cloak: Cloak of Night
    Gloves: Purple Dragon Gauntlets
    Belt: Electric Haze
    Boots: Treads of Falling Shadow
    Trinket: Epic Blasting Chime
    Goggles: Blindness Immunity Goggles of True Seeing
    Neck: War Wizard's Amulet
    Bracer: War Wizard's Bracers
    Ring 1: Epic Ring of the Stalker
    Ring 2: Charismatic +8 Ring of Performing +13

    Melee: eAGA, Wounding of Virulent Con Poison Gaxe
    Healing/Casting: Epic Elyd Edge, Devotion of Enchantment Mastery Scepter

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    Lovely, good to get this help.

    Thanks alot all, and if ppl have more suggestions or other thoughts of endgame layouts for u17 melee bards it will be appreciated!

    Ok lvl6 right now, time to xpxpxxpoxpxpxpxpxpxpxpxpxp

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    Hmm as "start weapons", until i get the real things, what do ppl Think of an oathblade and an axe of adaxus with slotted devotion + something for damage in offhand?

    Or do any gh item that is not a weapon allow you to slot devotion?

    Or is any other easy to get weapon combo that is better than that?

    (18 now, time to sleep, yes i "cheated" used a stone)

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