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I drew an arcane archer. Get it? Arcane?! Archer? HAHAAHAA!!?!?!? .......

Okay, so you don't get it.

Go watch FX's Archer here: Click me NOW!

The hardest part about this paint was the line work. I have a friend who works for titmouse & Cartoon network (venture bros, etc) as a story board artist....

When I was chatting with him one day, I complained about how crappy abstract art and some cartoons are now. "The line art is so darn simple in some of these new cartoons!"

He rebuked me by saying how "the simpler the lines are the more accurate they must be for the toon to look right".

Simplicity is its own aesthetic.

I came to appreciate this while drawing this paint.

Archer art is thick defined inked lines and 2 tones. Simple right? But deadly serious if you're inaccurate....

I am used to muddling my line art. Being strict and disciplined in my lines was a pain to do.... but was severely gratifying once you get it right.

You can still see my art style in the fan art above.... but, I tried to keep to Archer's art style; and that's what counts right? :3


This AA paint was a break from doing another ddo paint inspired by guild airships.... that other paint... is kicking my butt.....

I will post if I ever finish.... god....

Lana told me to say "NOOOPE" xD

all in all, good stuff still xD