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    Default Scale down out of date raid completion count requirements

    As the game progresses and level caps grow, high end relevant content continues upwards in level and gear.

    This is entirely natural and important to games to prevent them from stagnating, but it does have the effect of causing older raids to become less relevant and less frequently run.

    This in and of itself is not that big a deal except that there are still often just one or two pieces of gear people like to have out of these raids either because they are useful or fun.

    Nowadays, even Shroud, the ultimate twink gear raid with min level 12 yet very powerful gear, which has for a long time been by far the most commonly run raid, has started to become more uncommon to see LFMs.

    I suggest that as raids become older and more out of date, hence less frequently run and harder to find groups for, the 20 completions should be scaled back. Perhaps dropping the few with level 20 epic versions down to 10, and those without down to 5 or something.

    Or perhaps a more consistent approach like minus 2 per update that has come out since its release to a minimum of 5 or something.

    Either that or make the 20th completion much more comprehensive a list, and make it so every 5th completion or so would spawn 2 or 3 of the possible named items.
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    I thinks the raid by-pass is the biggest thing to hit the DDO store since that whole Cabbage Patch Creature Companion craze back in the 80s.

    Not to be a party-poo'er but i doubt this will ever happen.

    Quote Originally Posted by ZzpxpzZ View Post
    Either that or make the 20th completion much more comprehensive a list, and make it so every 5th completion or so would spawn 2 or 3 of the possible named items.
    Now this otoh ^^^

    Yes, make low level raids like DQ have a 20th reward that only has named and tend to have the big items always there, like the voice is in delera's.

    That way this (low level only) raid gear will be less susceptible to luck AND the Store could sell more hourglasses because players would feel a reason to spend the TP to zerg to 20 (if they KNEW they would get a Torc or sumpin).
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    Rather than adding more to 20th rewards or placing the lists at lower thresholds like 5 or 10 completions, I think a better way would just be to increase drop rates in the actual raid itself, to incentivize (yes I'm making that a word now) the raid, instead of the completion list. If my goal is to run the raid X times for a list, then the fact that loot theoretically drops in the end chest becomes minimized. Instead of 1 in 6 for old raids, make it 1 in 3 and maybe even a 50% chance at loot for much older raids. Full lists on 20th completions is something I can agree with though. If you put in 20 runs, you should get one piece of loot that you want.
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